This is not a commercial event. By purchasing this ticket, you support the Svetielko Nádeje NPO.

The FourTune Festival is coming up again! At the same weekend, July 19 - 22, 2018 in the beautiful surroundings of the Drienok recreation area in the picturesque village Mošovce (located between Turčianske Teplice and Martin). As we were able to verify last year, this area is just perfect for 4 days full of music, entertainment, relaxation and, last but not least, charitable help to the “Svetielko Nádeje” NPO (Non-profit organisation).

Cancer is a disease that we do not need to describe here, nor that a cure is very demanding and exhausting. That's why we've decided to combine our shared passion - music - with the help of those who need it.

More than 40 European e-music DJs have promised their participation without a fee, which also gives us the opportunity to collect the funds they make to run the Department of Child Oncology at the Roosevelt Hospital in Banská Bystrica managed by “Svetielko Nádeje” NPO.

Come and have fun, relax and support the right thing :)

Come with us to spend 4 unforgettable days in the magic region of Turiec!

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Na drienok 460
038 21 Mošovce